Lab Facilities

  • 2 x Tektronix TLA7012 logic analyzer mainframe with TLA7BB4 module providing 168 channels with 1.4GS/s synchronous capture and 50GS/s asynchronous capture, plus assorted DMAX, HCD, and flying lead probes
  • Tektronix MSO70804 mixed signal oscilloscope providing 4 analog channels with 8GHz bandwidth and 25GS/s capture plus 16 digital channels with 12.5GS/s capture, plus assorted TekConnect and TriMode active probes
  • Tektronix TDS7404 oscilloscope providing 4 analog channels with 4GHz bandwidth and 20GS/s capture plus assorted TekConnect active probes
  • Tektronix TDS7104 oscilloscope providing 4 analog channels with 1GHz bandwidth and 10GS/s capture plus assorted passive and TekProbe active probes
  • Teledyne LeCroy Sierra M6-1 SAS/SATA Protocol Analyzer
  • Nikon D3400 with 105mm f2.8 AF-S micro lens with stand and lighting for close-up photography 
  • BGA rework station plus assorted stencils for removing and reinstalling surface mount components, and reballing common BGA components