Reverse Engineering

Full system hardware and board level reverse engineering services:
  • Research products to identify those likely to include technology of interest
  • Product procurement including purchase and delivery in the US if required
  • Disassembly and high resolution studio photography
  • BGA and surface mount component removal and re-installation
  • Component identification and PCB circuit extraction to provide full or partial schematics
  • Digital signal capture for full protocol analysis for up to 336 signals at GHz data rates
  • Performance testing and high-speed analog signal capture to show circuit operation
  • Fully equipped lab with oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, macro photography, and PCB rework 
  • memory cards and modules
  • computer motherboards
  • graphics cards and SSD
  • desktops and laptops

  • smart phones and tablets
  • internet appliances
  • networking equipment
  • wireless routers and modems